Monday, February 1, 2010

What I know now. . .

Thanks to my friend Jackie who did this same thing during her pregnancy, Ben and I are going to do a weekly pregnancy journal with pictures of me and a short note to the baby from Ben until the baby comes! We're really excited to do this!

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What I know now at 16 weeks:
  1. It is so fun when you decide to get pregnant. It's just all so exciting and new, crossing into the mysterious and unknown.
  2. "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" is the best book on the planet. Every girl should be required to read it in high school. Go read it. Now.
  3. If you take a pregnancy test and it says "Negative" but then you start craving fish (which you've always hated)...the test is wrong. Just wait a couple more days.
  4. It was so fun telling Ben that we were pregnant. I put this (on my scrapbook page you can see it) piece of paper at the bottom of his ice cream bowl and waited for him to read it at the end. His face was priceless.
  5. When we went to my 8 week ultrasound, it took her a little while to find the baby and I got scared thinking I was wrong about being pregnant and that nothing would be there. But then when she finally found our little was love at first sight.
  6. I've gained 5 lbs and I'm okay with that. I actually wish I were at the stage of 10-15 lbs just so it would be more noticeable that I'm pregnant...not just a little round up front.
  7. Being pregnant is so fun. It's so surreal though. I still don't feel like it's real!
  8. I've been so lucky. Week 5-8 was my worse, just feeling nauseous constantly all day long. I've only thrown up 5 times: 1) When I let myself get too hungry on a drive home, parked, opened the car door and was instantly flooded with the smell of curry....ran to the elevator but didn't make it, releasing it all over the walls and and floor while running. I hate curry. 2) Somewhere on my 35 hour flight home. Don't ask me when, I don't want to recall that experience, and 3) 4) and 5) were here in America in the morning when I couldn't get to food fast enough.
  9. I've learned to keep graham crackers by the side of my bed.
  10. Jet lag + being pregnant = SO TIRED.
  11. Our 2-week trip to Mozambique, camping and roughing it with that heat and crappy food has a whole new meaning now that you know that I was pregnant during it. Talk about a trooper!!
  12. It's fine to take your baby skydiving at 4 weeks.
  13. It's very, very difficult to not tell any of your family or friends that you're pregnant for 13 weeks.
  14. It's also the funnest thing to finally tell them. (Videos coming soon).
  15. Gagging. It happens a lot. Smells get me. Refrigerators and my brother's gas are the worst right now.
  16. I have a new relationship with food. I've always been a big eater; ask Ben, a good friend, or a family member. My nickname was "Hoover" but now it's "When-my-tummy-rumbles-you-better-get-out-of-the-way."
  17. And I don’t need just any food. I have to think, rummage, and smell-test for a while before I decide what I can do.
  18. I want pizza right now.
  19. All of this food stuff is actually getting better now starting week 16.
  20. I'm glad I did my Triathlon right before I got pregnant. Since I've been too lazy to exercise since.
  21. = amazing.
  22. After going your whole life trying not to gain weight, you are told you’ll be gaining a pound a week--hooray!
  23. My bra size is doubling daily I swear.
  24. During the 12 week ultrasound, when our baby got poked, it squirmed in protest. We loved it.
  25. We're pretty sure about the gender...but we'll find out this Saturday! What do you think it is? Vote on the side of the blog.
  26. I can't believe that I'm almost half-way done. I really can't wait for the next stage: knowing the gender and feeling the baby move!


The Taylor Family said...

Congrats you guys. That is awesome. I read your last post a few days ago and the first thing I thought of was you and your last trip in africa. I don't know how you did all of that and in the heat. I'm impressed. You look great so far. But that is to be expected with you! Anyways can't wait to find out what you are having. You are a darling mom already!

Unknown said...

So glad you did the photo journal entry! YOU ARE SO TEENY! I can't wait for a REAL bump to be there. I wish I would have started earlier in my pregnancy with the journal pics like you! Since Max came so early I only got in 15 entries... oh well. Thanks for the updates and my bet is on a boy too!!

Megan Passey said...

I love reading your posts~your voice just comes out so much! pregnancy is so much fun once you get past the nauseous part, you're lucky you haven't been too sick! And definitely always have food around, that's when I felt sick too, when i waited too long in between eating! Isn't it great to have an excuse to eat?! Congrats again!

mckenzie said...

How stinking cute! What a great idea. We really couldn't be more thrilled for you guys!! can't wait to find out if it's a boy or a girl!

Julianne Howes said...

How cute are you?! You are sooo small!! You need to eat a few cubes of butter my dear haha. Being a mommy is so wonderful. You will love it. Love you!

Unknown said...

I am so excited for you guys. I remember my first time being pregnant and how new and wonderful it was...DANG HARD! But totally worth it when they get here :) I am glad that you are keeping track of things and how you feel and likes and will be really fun to look back on. CAN'T WAIT to find out what the sex is...everyone seems to think a girl (including me) hehe.

hailee said...

yeah its crazy that you gain weight and are ok with it!!! And then its crazy when you have the baby its alllll gone... right after i had my baby i felt my belly and it was all soft and not so much there anymore and when i weighed myself when i got home i was - 15 pounds!! it was WAY weird!!! Im so excited for you two!!!! I guessed on a girl...but im now thinking its going to be a boy.... but ill stick with my vote :)

hilary said...

you are a hot momma! i love that picture of you - you can never go wrong in black. :) i used to wish i looked more pregnant too so that people would actually know - DON'T. trust me, you will soon enough and then be jealous of every person around you who still has a waste line. i promise! how fun that you are writing all of this stuff down. makes me feel guilty and wish i had at least attempted to do the same. it's so fun to experience all these things, isn't it?! i swear i felt the baby move the very first time at 14 weeks, but wasn't sure it was the baby til i was 16 weeks. so i'm sure you will very soon. :) can't wait to hear what you're having! sorry for the novel of a comment!

Rachel said...

totally agree with hil...freakn' hot momma! love the pic, you are tiny and will look adorable with a belly. can't wait to hear what you are having! sounds like you haven't been to sick (minus a couple of weeks), how lucky are you?

Cody & Melanie said...

Congrats! I'm so excited for you! You really are so stinkin cute pregers! I love this message from daddy thing..Such a great idea! You are in for a fun ride! Pregnancy is such a wonderful experiance..hard at times, but totally amazing! Hope yours goes well and can't wait to hear more!

Tawnya said...

Wahooo! Congrats guys! That is sooo fun! You look just adorable!

Molly said...

I totally know how the gagging thing is! For some reason, toothpaste got me. Paul would come and kiss me goodbye before leaving for work, and I would have to head straight to the bathroom. I felt so bad telling him not to kiss me in the mornings! Congratulations! Can't wait to find out what you're having!