Saturday, September 11, 2010

Her peeps

Claire has been busy these last couple of weeks growing, changing, smiling, and meeting lots of new friends. She met her cousin Tyler first. He was a preemie, born at 25 weeks only 1 lb 10 oz (older post here). Now he's 8 months an 12 lbs! He's a fighter and Claire obviously loves him.

Random pic but we were all dressed in green one day and had to pose in front of Grammy Lisa's quilt:

She loves her Aunt Brooke.

She also met my college bud Sarah's little girl who was born exactly one week before Claire:

Ben and I were able to spend a week up at Park City over Labor Day and had a blast. It was so much fun! We had family and some friends come visit us up there and loved the little get-away.

Cousin Tyler again:

Buddy Karsyn (Brandon & Karley Radmall's girl--4 months old):

I could snuggle her all day.

She is getting so big and strong! She's 7 weeks old and loves to stand and use her neck. She's smiling all the time and rarely cries (only when she's famished). She's loving exploring the sounds she can make and has started making bubbles and drooling. We love that her hair is falling/rubbing out and adore the v-shaped dimple on her hairline she gets:

We are just crazy about this girl.

In other news, check out the bridals I did while up in Park City. They rock.

Claire is getting blessed tomorrow and we're so excited that all our family can be there. We love being home!

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Steph and Brady said...

Oh she is so adorable! It sounds like you guys have been busy here! I am sure everyone is loving her. I love her hair too. It is so funny when they start losing it. Well, I hope you guys are having tons of fun and I hope the blessing went well. I can't wait to see pictures. Hey I don't know how much longer you are going to be here but if you have any time, I need to get some 1 yr old pics of Breckyn. Email me if you do have time. :) If not, no problem.