Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Her first swim

Thank goodness it's been so hot so late! It was 90 degrees today so we just had to go swimming. First though, a fun picture of her this morning:

Getting ready to swim with all her friends! (baby Reese, baby Adelle, baby Wyatt, and baby Owen joined her!)

My cousin's wife Tiff:

Claire loved the water! We were surprised by how well all the babies did given that the hot tub was cold! It was only about 80 degrees, but they loved the bubbles and all the babies their age! Claire just relaxed and enjoyed until she was all pruned up. Cutest little prunes I've ever seen.

The boys doing what they do best:

I set up our flipvideo since we were all busy and trimmed it down to a couple of minutes:

All cleaned up after her swim. If only she'd stay clean. She had a blowout on her evening walk with daddy and had to have her 3rd bath for the day.

Love this beautiful girl!

Oh and she rolled over yesterday! Check it out:


Carly said...

Camille, she is so beautiful! I love that last picture of her all wrapped up in her towel. What a sweetheart.

Rasmussen Family said...

love the toe eating pic! I have been taking Eliza with me in the shower so that she will be all happy to get in the pool with me in the summer!

Sammy said...

oh she is so cute! violet still hasn't rolled over! she's so close though.. soon hopefully!