Thursday, February 3, 2011

we adore you.

my darling ben, on your special day,
i want you to know, and i wanted to say:
i hope you feel loved. hope you feel great.
i could not have picked, a better mate.
you make me feel loved, so special so good.
claire feels this too. if she talked, she would,
tell you she's lucky to have you as a dad.
you're loving, you're funny, you're pretty darn rad. 
we love you so much. there's no one like you.
i wish everyone out there could be this blessed too.
so here's to you and your 27 years here.
too bad we're mormon, and can't have any beer.
 but that's okay, because your love makes me high.
i'm pretty good at rhyming... okay, that's a lie.

we love this man and are so grateful for him in our lives. happy birthday baby.
she's already like her daddy.


paige and jord said...

you're adorable camille! tell ben happy birthday from us (the strangers....)

Erin said...

Dang you guys are one cute family! Happy birthday to Ben from all the Jones'!

RachelBQuist said...

Michael and I think you are good at writing poems. :)

Natalie N said...

Happy late birthday to Ben! These pictures were darling... and the poem too. Hope you're doing alright; we missed you today!

Alex said...

haha that was a great poem. ryans birthday is this week. I'm totally blogging him a poem!!! im stealing all your great ideas!