Saturday, July 23, 2011

12 months

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She's ONE.  I now join all the moms who say they can't believe how fast time went. That the last year has been the best year of our lives.  That their baby is the best baby in the world, etc. But believe me, it's all true:)   A year ago today she was finally entering the world (after 40 hours of labor) HERE. We just love this baby.

New this month:
Height: 29 inches (50%)
Weight: 17.13 lbs (5%)

{Claire dropped some weight this month, mostly due to the fact that we all got the flu. Wow was that a rough week.}

She loves shoes, carries them around with her, and tries to put ours on.

She's become a semi-picky eater.  Things that I thought she loved she only likes now and then.  Stuff like cut-up fruit and toast and scrambled eggs.  It's kind of a task to get her full these days.  The one food I can always get her to eat is baby Cheetos.

She's still my little cuddle bug. She loves to lay her head on my chest. Please don't ever grow out of this.

She's best napper and sleeper ever.   **I wrote this before she turned one. Now that she's one she doesn't want to sleep. Her naps have only been 30 minutes or so long and she doesn't go to bed until 8 or later. She's either still on a sugar high from her party or decided she's too old for that baby stuff.

She loves the slide in the pool. The second she lands in the water she's turning around to get us to do it again. What baby laughs when they go under water or get splashed in the face? Claire does.

She LOVES balls. Big ones, small ones, some as big as your head.

She's very ticklish. Especially under her neck (like her momma) and her feet.

She knows how to do a monkey sound and LOVES her monkey friends.

She loves peek-a-boo (and does it herself sometimes). She loves when I say "I'm gonna get you" and starts running away as fast as she can (which makes her look drunk as she runs into stuff or falls over).

She is now done with formula and bottles and tried whole milk for the first time today. She LOVED it! 

She says "Hi dadda" to everyone. Never says "momma."

There's not a person who meets her that doesn't comment on how extremely happy, friendly, and cute she is.

Happy happy birthday sweet daughter!


Sammy said...

darling, can you believe how fast this year has gone? She's too cute, I feel like Violet is the same way. I always feel like i'm not feeding her enough but half the time she will only eat yogurt and nothing else! she's too cute, what a sweet girl :)

Nades said...

Happy birthday Claire!! And congrats momma and daddy..:) cannot believe she is growing so fast! so cute! x

Ryan said...

She's the sweetest! Love the updates. Funny how babies are so similar. Owen wakes up in the morning and from naps looking for his 'soo' (shoes). Then he gets my shoes and puts them on my feet a dozen times a day. It's his favorite thing. They would have such fun together.

Try taking her to DSW. Crazy person!