Sunday, July 24, 2011

Her party

The invite:
{Click to enlarge}

The set-up:

{Banner was made in 15 minutes an hour before the party started when I realized I didn't have one}
{Not pictured: cake pops and dipped oreos that I made. Okay and cake pops? Delish but HARD. It took way too long and mine turned out way too ugly to post:) }

Uncle James took the invite a little too literally:

D.I. frames we painted for each month:

Adorable cupcakes made by Grammy Lisa:

Her birthday cake I decorated in less than 5 minutes. Man was it yummy! (Rainbow chip cake with homemade buttercream frosting)

Yummy goodies made by Grandma Kendell:

{Plates and candy holders we got from the D.I., painted, and glued together}

Since she didn't like her birthday cake in Arizona, we didn't think she would eat her cake.... but she LOVED it. Slowly dug in and ended up with it everywhere. Yay!  {See video below}

We had a photobooth set up for everyone that came. Love it!

{Click on pictures to enlarge}

Super hot day, but SO much fun. Thank you to everyone who came and contributed! This girl is well worth all the fuss:)  We all watched this video I put together of her first year:
Happy Birthday our darling Claire!!


hilary said...

love that video. i feel like such a horrible mother whenever i look at your blog, camille! haha! i was gonna do a video of sophie's first year and never did but watching that remotivated me because i won't regret it no matter how late it is. can't believe she is one! it really does fly, doesn't it? she is so cute! maybe one day we'll live in the same place and sophie and claire can be friends. :)

Nades said...

Happy birthday again to Clair bear,...cannot believe how quickly a year has gone by :) you did such an amazing job on her party! love the photo booth pictures! x

By Jon and Jaclyn said...

Loved seeing everything!! IT turned out SO dang cute. Nice work ,you always go above and beyond and never fail to impress me!! You are amazing my dear. Everything was adorable. I can't believe little miss claire is one!

Whittney Clark said...

The video is so precious! Good job! Happy Birthday Claire!

Natalie N said...

LOVED this post. Tell me--does it hurt to have so much creativity flowing through your veins?!?! :) Seriously, as always, I LOVE seeing what you come up with. Your creativity never stops, and I just think you ooze talent!!

And I have to ask--is Uncle James your brother? Wearing a diaper to the party has to be the funniest thing I've seen all year. SO AWESOME. I don't know when I'll get that picture out of my head. Tell him he's invited to Shannon's party in 2 months. lol.

Miss your cute faces! Hope you are well!!

Lindsey said...

Holy cow girl, that birthday party was amazing! And I LOVE the invitations. I just went and read it to my husband because I think it's so cute. Man I wish we lived closer since we never really got to know each other that well in school and now I feel like I want to be your best friend. :) Good work on the party!