Friday, December 14, 2012

Lots of stuff up in here.

I've been a bit of a slacker on the blog about every day things and pictures that I want in our yearly blog book... time for a big post to catch up.  

In October, Claire went to her first Princess Party for a friend's birthday party. We found this dress at Ross and she wasn't so sure about it at first (tomboy) but then loved it.  She had a blast with the other girls, especially when Snow White showed up and gave them presents!  

Ben and Claire had fun sledding when we had that big snow storm.  She's looking forward to playing in the "no" again someday... 

My little cuties cuddled up watching a movie together. 

Claire loves cooking lately and helping with anything I do in the kitchen. (She will LOVE what Grandpa Tom & Tina are getting her this year!)

My lovely cousin Tiff came in town for Erin Barnes' wedding. It was so fun to have her for a couple days. Claire and Jaclyn had a ball.  Love her!

My date with Claire and Alex at City Creek and Temple Square:

Daddy-daughter date at Claire's favorite place: Warrens.  She started DRINKING the fry sauce. 

Making snowflakes with our fun neighbors:

The ultimate sad face. She's got it mastered. It cracks us up.

Nan made these little slippers for Alex's blessing and we love them! 

 Ward Christmas Party. This is as close as she got this year (last year wasn't so hot either).

Alex turned 3 months old! And man is he growing. We just love having him in our family. He is so sweet, happy, and content. And giving momma 8-9 hours at night (and then goes back down again for 2-3 after one feeding). 


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anna said...

you have such beautiful kids Camille! Claire looks JUST like I remember Anna looking when we were younger in the photo of her on Raquel's hubbies lap at the ward party! Also, I can't believe how much taller Alex is than Claire in their 3 months photos! Crazy how different each baby is