Tuesday, December 25, 2012


The Holidays went WAY too fast this year.  We had a great time and are grateful to be near family to be able to share all these fun memories. 

(Neighborhood gifts this year)

My parents got a hot tub. Claire loves it!

The week before Christmas, we met up with Anna & Brian (in from Chicago!) and went to Christmas Village. I don't think I've ever been there when it's not FREEEZING!!

Jon and Jaclyn were in town for a few days so we went up Saturday (the 22nd) and had a little celebration for Nan's birthday (and also a mini-ugly sweater party).

There are no words. 

That evening, we had our annual Kendell family Christmas party. It was themed "Mexican" so we had yummy Chicken Chili Soup and wore mustaches. 

Sunday evening was the Johansen Christmas party at our place. It was a blast and we love all of our great families!  We played some minute-to-win-it games and had yummy lasagna. 

Christmas Eve: 
We went up to my parent's place and did our annual "Gingerbread houses."  Here they were last year, and the years before.

Here's my masterpiece:

Raquel's dreamhouse:

Brad's castle:

Ben and Claire's....

Brian's White House: 

My mom's pyramid: 

My dad's outhouse:

Anna's igloo:

James' Lord of the Rings:

And Brooke's beach house:


Christmas Morning:
We like to be at our own house for Christmas morning when Claire comes down and opens her gifts from Santa and mom & dad. 

Christmas Day:
Ben's family came over for our Christmas party and it was a ball.  We played more minute-to-win-it games, ate pizza, and opened gifts. 

Here Alex is wearing what his daddy wore for his first Christmas 29 years ago:


She loves her new balance bike! 

Thank you, everyone, for the great gifts!  We are so blessed in so many ways.  We love this time of year to reflect on the year, help and serve others, and spend time with those that matter most.  

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