Friday, November 8, 2013


 A few weeks ago, I noticed that Claire's eye was 'sticking' the wrong direction (cross-eyed) while the other was fine. It would stay for a few seconds and then go back to normal. It happened twice in one day and really freaked me out.  So we called and got an appointment with an ophthalmologist.  Nearsightedness runs in both sides (very normal), but the doctor said she was farsighted (can't see things up close) and prescribed her a very strong +5.0 and glasses for the rest of her childhood.  We were pretty shocked, but glad that was all it was.  He said he was very impressed with how quick we caught it and that this should strengthen the eye muscles enough to not need a patch or eye surgery.  

So we took her to Walmart and got her these adorable $9 frames! :) Liked them better than any $200 pair we saw at Lenscrafters.  She is still getting used to wearing them all day but does a pretty good job. I can't tell just yet if it really helps her but the fact that she doesn't really take them off is a good sign. Eventually I'm sure she'll prefer them and want them on. 

She is so adorable and we love this happy girl. 

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Tawnya said...

What a cutie!! And lucky to like the cheap frames because if they break or get lost it won't be as big of a deal.