Saturday, November 9, 2013

Our Halloween 2013

We've never had Halloween decorations.  With Ben's frugality, it's always been something I've just let him win with :)  But now that we have a house, I wanted to 'scare' it up a bit.  So I cut out 50 black bats and painted a moon and hung them up -- LOVED what it did to our empty wall!  

I also painted these beach balls and hung them in the tree.  We did a spider web on our door and some pumpkins. And that's basically it! But it added the perfect touch.  

We went to Black Island Farms (tradition) with Ben's family this year and had a blast! It was sooo warm which makes it a lot of fun.

Ben and I also threw a Halloween party for our neighborhood friends. It was a blast! 

Mafia is the BEST. 

Claire's preschool had a fun Halloween day.  They are all so cute!  Spot the little tiger in the middle! 

Halloween evening, our neighborhood does a trunk-or-treat around the park. It was awesome! We loved it! 

Cutest little monkeys. We had a great Halloween! Topped off the night with lights out and movie downstairs.  Sorry all you trick-or-treaters that came to our house... we ran out of candy and ignored you. Our bad.  Next year we'll be prepared!

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Rachel said...

Claire looks adorable as a tiger! And I LOVED your Halloween decorations! Ha ha, the tree looked awesome.