Saturday, November 30, 2013


To start off, had to throw this ADORABLE picture in:

Before Thanksgiving, we broke out our Christmas decorations. Yes, we did it. Because we wouldn't be home all of Thanksgiving weekend and I wanted to come home to everything already up.  It was so fun this year with the kiddos. They loved helping. Even Alex helped put ornaments on the tree.

Thanksgiving was spent at my mom's house with the Johansen family. It was nice to see everyone and have everyone together after the funeral. It was weird without Grandpa, but we all know he's with us and loves us. We'll see him again.

We played volleyball (the weather was so nice!), ate AMAZING food, played Bingo, Sequence, and Things. So fun. I love this family! 

As part of the game Things, I got to tape my sister's face. Loved it.

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