Thursday, November 13, 2008


Oh my gosh, if you're into Digital Scrapbooking, or WANT to get into it. Go to this link:

This lady Royanna Fritschmann is selling her WHOLE store for $29 bucks! 10 pages work of kits, papers, overlays, embellishments, everything you need to get started! It takes a while, but if you want an awesome deal--check it out!


Jamie said...

Camille I was blog stocking and ran across your blog. You look like you have so much fun. How are you?

Bodacious Barlows said...

Hey lady, send me an email so I can invite you to my blog. I closed it to only invited readers because there's a ton of crazy people out there. Anyway, send me an email. I miss ya.

Julianne Howes said...

You can't pretend!!!!! I'll just keep doing posts that you are tagged :)