Sunday, November 16, 2008

First scrapbook page

So I've been getting into Digi-Scrapbooking lately and getting really excited about it. And by that I mean I've been stocking up on tons and tons of pages, kits and elements. I've been finding lots of freebies and good deals (like the previous post). But hadn't really made a page yet. Today I finally sat down and tried it out! Here's my first 2 pages! The first is from a kit called "I Just Love Him" and I thought it was a perfect page to start out with and the other is called "Lucky." Anyway--so much fun!
Some updates:
--Ben is on a new case that is MUCH less time-consuming. He's enjoying it and learning a lot!
--He's in contact with a guy in South Africa on a regular basis about moving out's looking more and more realistic and like it will be in Johannesburg...ah!
--I am in quite a "growing phase" of my life right now: called to teach the Laurels in Young Women's, asked to substitute seminary all week (holy early in the morning!), Ben and I were asked to speak in Sacrament next week, and I was asked to speak at the Young Women's in Excellence evening this Wednesday.
--We have our tickets to come home on December 20th and couldn't be more excited.
--We're so excited for our friends Erin & Clark (a boy!), Kelsi and Landon (a girl!), Kelly and Greg (a boy!), Janelle and David (a girl!), Andrea and Brenton (a boy!), and Jamie and Tyson (a girl!), Chelsea and Chris (a girl!), and Jordan and Steve (a boy!) who have just had or are having SOON their new babies! Congrats you guys! (Wow--that's SO many people!)
--Ben and I have set a goal to exercise every day and we can proudly say we have done it Mon-Sat for the last 2 weeks! Go us!


Chelsie said...

the pages look great camille, you are so talented!! wow, that is a lot of spiritual growth going on in a week! they couldn't have picked better people though, you guys will do great. how exciting about africa. remind me again what ben is doing for work right now? and holy props on working out every day, goal is to work out like 2-3 times a week, and i struggle.

Steph and Brady said...

Wow! That is a lot of new babies! Hey, can you explain what you get if you buy the store on Divine Digital? I think I want to do it but I am not totally clear on what you get if you pay 29.00. I love your pages! I have wanted to start doing the digiscrapbooking but just havent yet. What program do you use?

mckenzie said...

I am loving that you scapbook. Please teach me how!

Jalayne said...

That is a TON new new babies. Yay for them. I am glad you guys are so happy.

Jessica said...

Camille-You guys live in Dublin? My family lives in I hope things are going well. The blog is cute.

paige and jord said...

cute scrapbook pages! they're seriously darling. johannesberg? talk about an adventure... :)