Monday, June 22, 2009

¡Feliz Dia del Padre!

I love you dad! You're the best dad anyone could ask for. I am who I am because of this man. And what a great man he is. Probably the best in the whole wide world.

I'll save the things I love about him for his upcoming birthday (and I better get on that, 52 reasons is a lot of things to think of!)....until then, TE AMO PADRE!

Also to this man:

Happy Father's Day to Kraig Earl, Grandpa Johansen, Grandpa Bert, Grandad Garrison, and Pa! We love you SO MUCH!


hilary said...

cute post to your papa! how is being home? i'm so sorry you have to be apart from your hubby for an entire month! and then 6 weeks again later! BUT that is so cool you will have some visitors come back with you! i'm jealous, if i had the mula i would come visit you in a heart beat! but i totally know how you are feeling without your hubby, mine will be gone again on and off from july to november. sad. not looking forward to it so much. so we should become even better blogging/email/facebook friends to help each other cope. :)

Sarah said...

YO. Dan Murray wants you to call him asap. He says he's been trying to get ahold of you via email and wants to organize something to Bear Lake,.. I kinda suggested he could see you when we do... anyways his number is 435-512-1380