Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Birthday Babe

I can't believe you're 12 years old!! Wait, hold the're STARTING YOUNG WOMENS!?! Wow. Time flies. Ok snookie monster, here are 12 out of millions of reasons we love you:

1. You are the sweetest one out of all 5 of us kids. Seriously.
2. You're the only one that can do well on the drums on Rockband.
3. You're the youngest, hence, the cutest, most loved, spoiled, perfect child!
4. You always get so excited to talk to us or see us.
5. You have two different colored eyes! (see above picture)
6. We love how much you love SKYPE and seeing yourself on the computer. You should start doing music videos girl.
7. We love when you show us the latest tooth you've lost.
8. ~Benjamin Drake Alton~
9. SMARTY PANTS! You are SO smart in school, games, books, anything. You catch on faster than anyone I know and then DOMINATE the rest of us.
10. You're a soccer superstar! And you actually give Ben a challenge!
11. You have the most beautiful, long, blonde hair. The prettiest smile. The cutest laugh.
12. You are so talented. I love that you're learning the piano.
13. Bonus! You'll always be my wittle sister!

Have an awesome day Brookie! You are one special young woman. WE LOVE YOU!!

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Savanna said...

that's how i remember brooke! i can't believe she's 12... ps. i love your blog, and your stories, etc.