Wednesday, March 3, 2010


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What I know now at 20 weeks…
  1. My pants. I only have one pair that stretches enough to keep them buttoned (see picture above). I need these. (I should also look into getting a fan for that “wind-blown” look in my weekly pictures like that chick).
  2. My belly button is getting more round, and less deep by the day.
  3. I don’t like chocolate much these days .… What the???
  4. 2010 is the year of BABIES! Is it the economy? Or just a bad winter? I'm so excited for all my friends!
  5. Halfway there and I’ve gained 10 lbs. {I know, I’m enjoying it while it lasts}.
  6. I am much more mucousy in the nasal area. I read this is normal. Good to know, I thought I had a chronic cold.
  7. I get a headache every day at the same time. And since I haven't been to my OB yet, I haven’t wanted to take anything. I think I’ll give in and try some Diet Coke.
  8. I’ve still only thrown up 7 times.
  9. Ben and I were watching our little girl kick up a storm one night and then I had a dream that her whole leg was sticking out of my stomach, and we’d hold it and thought it was so cute. Then both her legs, then her head and we could see her features through my skin… creepy, but in my dream it was special.
  10. I know everyone wants to know what names we’re thinking of… but for some reason, I don’t like to tell people. I fear they won’t like our favorites. So I think it’s just going to be a secret until the end. That is…when we actually pick one of our top 3.
  11. Besides having some minor cravings, my eating habits are pretty much back to normal.
  12. Yes, you know I love pizza. I really do. My mouth waters when I look at Week 19’s picture.
  13. For the first time, this week I actually felt HER through my stomach. She was moving around, not just kicking, and I felt my lower stomach and could feel this hard lump. I rubbed it for a minute and then she moved away! Hope I didn’t poke an eye out...
  14. My bladder doesn’t have as much room anymore. When I really need to go, there’s never much in there.
  15. I love french fries, orange juice, milk, In-n-Out cheeseburgers, chocolate shakes, Caesar salads, pizza, and Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki Subway sandwiches (but they’re pretty much just sweet onion sauce sandwiches). I really miss CafĂ© Rio. Can anyone bring me some please??
  16. Ironically, I get super thirsty in the evening and right before bed. Luckily I don’t have to get up in the night, but when I do in the morning, I can barely move for fear of my bladder popping.
  17. She weighs about 10 1/2 ounces now. She's also around 10 inches from head to toe.
  18. These first 20 weeks have FLOWN by. Especially with it having been a secret for the first 13. I hope the rest flies by! We can’t wait for July!
I've started realizing all that we need and have to get before she gets here. And I have no idea where to start. I know I have a while to go still, but I like lists and doing research and being prepared! So I want to start reading some books now before she gets here (like Healthy Habits Healthy Child and such)... any other favs I should add to my list?? Also all you moms out there, tell me what your favorite things are... brands of things, diaper bags, pack 'n plays, pumps, etc...



jackie said...

as far as books go, i read baby wise. it's really good for getting your baby on a schedule. and as far as pumps go, i used the madela in style advanced. i couldn't bf so i just pumped for 3 1/2 months and it worked awesome! oh yes, and i would also get some lanolin cream to start preparing your ladies! it makes it so you don't bleed or get as sore!

p.s. you look adorable! i'm so excited for you guys!

AllyPally said...

oh my heck! I'm so addicted to these post. I love how pregnant your starting to get. So cute!! I love the baby swim suit. I hope she becomes an awesome swimmer like we were. I can't wait for the next post. You are going to be a great mommy. Ben is so cute with his comments he writes! I love you and can't wait to see you super pregnant in May!!!

Julianne Howes said...

You are so cute pregnant girl!! My favorite kind of diapers are Huggies little snugglers. BY FAR my fav. We tried all the others and those are the softest and he has never leaked through them. PLUS you can always find stinkin' good coupons online for Huggies. LOVE YOU!

Jill Revell said...

Ok so this was all 3 1/2 years ago, but here is my favorite list:

~Travel system: Peg Perego Pliko 3
~Converitble carseat: Britax Roundabout
~Carrier: Baby Bjorn
~Bottles: Advent
~PacknPlay & Swing: Graco

I heard so many good things about the Medela pump...but it didn't work for me. It might for you though.

Way to go on only 10 lbs! That was mistake no. 1 on my first pregnancy.

Trust me...the bladder thing gets worse!

:: ashley :: said...

healthy sleep habits is good! but I really liked baby wise much better, it didn't feel so harsh, and my little guy was sleeping through the night when he was 8 weeks, until we just put him in a toddler bed.. that's a whole other nightmare, that luckily you are years from worrying about ;) congrats!!

Sara said...

You are so darling! I love your posts and wish I had the creative talent you do. Oh and I am with you on the sweet onion sauce sandwiches- my favorite thing ever.

Another book I recommend to get (and maybe save until after she's here) is I am a Mother. Great book.
And as far as purchases go- all I can say is RESEARCH! We bought a lot of stuff with Kenna because we were so excited without researching and a lot of it I HATE and have replaced this time around with Laney. This is especially true on big purchases: car seat, stroller, crib, etc. Much cheaper to spend a little more the first time than to have to replace later.
And I LOVE GREAT website with all things baby and they deliver right to your door within 2 days. free. Fabulous.

Sara said...

as if my last comment wasn't long enough... I've gone through about 7 diaper bags. The best one by far is anything by skip hop. (Target, babies r us, They have clips to attach the bag to a stroller and it is SO convenient and something I can't live without.

The Taylor Family said...

Hey Girl! looking good. Love your posts. I Love baby wise also. it's a little strict so I through in my own things along the way. I love my boppy for breast feeding. They can lay on it in your lap and your arms don't get as tired. I loved Huggies, Avent bottles, seriously get some lanolin cream, i agree with pretty much everything Jackie said. And for those fun girlie bows I LOve and I have to admit I'm kinda sad we are so close in due dates. I ws going to email and ask you to take my new little girls pictures and some family shots if you were in town. But I'am so excited for you guys and will for sure catch you another time because I love your pictures. If you ever have any questtions about anything let me know. I am an open book. I could have told you the stuffy nose is common. I get that too.:) You are so cute and will be the best I learned this the hard way...but you do not need a swing, a bassinet,a crib, a pack & play, a vibrating chair and everthing else that baby's r us tell you that you do. The best thing we did was buy as we went along. Because I didn't use half of the stuff and now I have to store it.

Kelsi said...

Haha I love you! I love these weekly updates like LOVE them! My favorite is the pizza one with Ben holding an apple for you to eat. So great! I had to add my two sense in even though after two kids I still don't know what I am doing. One thing that has been so essential with our babies (and toddlers) is a nice rocking chair. The middle of the night feedings are less torturous because I have a nice rocker to sit in. We have rocked many a baby to sleep in those rockers too. LIke the other Taylor family above I love Avent bottles, and Natural fit Huggies, I love the Medela breast pump. We used a swing with our babies and it was lifesaver some nights. We have rarely used the pack n play but has been good for vacations. Anyways, I have a million more tips and advice but my post would be so embarrassingly long so just email me if have any other questions!

Ryan and Loni said...

I love these updates. Its so fun to see what you are doing and feeling being so close in our dates. I actually have those tummy bands from the website. You can get them at Motherhood Maternity and I LOOOOVE them! I never used them before but even though I have gained a little less.... I am WAYYY bigger than you and I am still in normal clothes thanks to these bands holding up my pants. I read a lot with Gabrial but honestly...mothers instinct kicks in and for me anyway... that was and always has been best. I did whatever I felt like he needed and he has been so good from sleeping through the night, potty training, teething and big boy beds... your going to do awesome! I felt the same way about our name. I told Ryan it was too special to share. We never told people with our other 3 till they were born but its kinda fun to let family and friends know this time around. Anyway, take care... love the post!

hilary said...

baby wise i've heard is very helpful. my hubby just finished it and now i've got to read it in like a week since i'm a little over 37 weeks and she could come any day... but i've heard it's great. i've heard medela for breast pumps is a good brand (still need to find the money to get one of my own)... i'm still trying to learn all these things, too though so i'm not much help. but i can relate to you on a lot of your list! i have had a stuffy nose pretty much since day one of my pregnancy. and nose bleeds. so yeah, you're normal. i cannot believe you don't wake up in the middle of the night to go pee!! i've done that since sometime in the first trimester, so feel grateful and enjoy that sleep. and that "feeling" of having to go pee just gets worse (and then there really is nothing that comes out). just never wait too long if you do have to go - i did that and sneezed once and well... last thing i promise - enjoy how fast it goes at first!! the first half flew by for me too. but this last trimester?? yeah, not so much. i miss my comfortable 2nd trimester days. sigh. good luck, camille! you look awesome!

Chelsie said...

i love these posts, you guys are so stinkin cute, you look great! i love baby wise...there were some things that were a little much i thought, but i took the concept of it and applied what worked and both my kids have been great sleepers. i use playtex bottles and an ameda purely yours breast pump. my sister did some research and that's what the hospital recommended to her and it was a little cheaper than the medela, but my other sister has a medela and loves that as well. i suggest a double electric pump though, much more efficient. :-)

Aimee said...

Hey I just wanted to tell you congratulations...since I hadn't yet. I am really excited for you guys and love the weekly updates. Hope everything continues to go smoothly!

Reagan said...

I think this is so cute to document this! Welcome back to the states, and of course congrats on a girl! so fun!

The Imperfect Pie said...

I'll have to send you an email with my favorite baby things. The list is long...but you'll also find what works for you and your baby in particular. Just have your carseat ready early, just in case. I like Huggies the best.

love you1!

Steph and Brady said...

Okay so I am a little late with this comment but, oh well! I agree with most of the things that everyone else has said. Brady and I bought a pack n' play with a bassinet in it. We really liked that for when Breckyn was in our room. It seemed rediculous to buy a bassinet and a pack n' play (for trips). I have the medela pump and it is great! Definitely get the double one! We have a Graco travel system and it is great. I wouldn't get Chicco (even though they are cute and everyone gets them) because I think they hold a smaller weight than the other ones so you will have to buy a new one sooner. I also like the boppy. One thing that Breckyn loves is her Bumbo. It is so nice when I am making dinner to just set her in it and she loves it. Don't buy any baby lotion or bath stuff. A little goes a long way and you will get a ton. For diaper bags... I just got a Petunia Pickle Bottom one that I love. I should just email you my lists too but you will probably be posting again soon so I will probably be the last comment. :) Anyways, good luck with everything. You look adorable!

Jessica Fenenbock said...

Oh my gosh I feel like I'm reading about myself!! My pregnancy has been exactly the same! I think not liking chocolate is something that happens when you're prego with a girl :) I'm so excited for you! It gets even more amazing when you can feel her entire bum or a foot or something pushing on your belly! It's magical! Oh my gosh and I totally had a dream where her foot came out of my stomach and my husband and I thought it was so cute. ha ha weird...then later in the dream she was born and had a full set of teeth....weird....pregnancy does crazy things to ya :) oh and I love the book called YOU- being pregnant :)

Kourtney and Nathan said...

I can't believe you are already half way!! That seemed fast, hopefully the next half will be fast too huh!

Lindsey said...

I agree with what most people have said... I love the medela pump that everyone else has liked. I almost took our pack n play back after someone got it for my baby shower with my first. I'm so glad I didn't though because we used it quite a bit and now my second sleeps in it every night! (We are too cheap to go buy another crib and I didn't think Avrie would be in the crib this long.) One thing I would suggest is don't go buy everything until after you have a baby shower because you'll get a TON of good stuff there! I also highly recommend a bumbo chair. Both my kids pretty much lived in it for a few months before they could sit up on their own! Good luck with it all! Love all your cute little updates by the way! You are so adorable (and so is your little belly)!