Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Easter Bunny

Don't let your kids read this post.... not that any of you do, but we don't want any dreams shattered here.

This cute little bunny is Ben. Today was our ward's Easter Egg Hunt, and it was a lot of fun. Mostly cause I just got to watch this guy dancing, hopping around, playing with the kids, just sweating his little tail off.

...and of course, scaring the kids.
{You can see these cute little kiddies here on my photo blog, just took their darling pictures yesterday}

Nolan being brave, and Austin enjoying from a distance:

Nolan and Austin's weird dads:

Cute Benjamin and Austin, our favorite little studs:
{Here's a cute picture of Ben and Austin when we were saying goodbye before leaving to Africa}

The costume may look a bit frightening to some... they might need to consider an upgrade. It was hilarious because Ben couldn't see very well so on his way out, he bulldozed a poor little 1-year old girl scrambling for her life to crawl out of his way and then BAM - the Easter Bunny got her. She'll forever be scarred.

And of course, had to get one with my bunny:


The Hills... said...! I can just picture Ben in there. I had to dress up as Rudolph around Christmas time at the gym I used to work at and man o' man did it get hot! Nice work Ben!

C&C said...

That is so funny.

hailee said...

That video is cute haha ben is a good easter bunny!

Sarah said...

Soooooooooooooo cute. I wish I could have Jeff dress up like that some how.

Sara said...

awesome. I can't think of a better Easter Bunny

The Imperfect Pie said...

so cute!!! love the bunny costume. hazel would have loved it. charlotte might have ran away.

love you!