Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A While Ago . . .

Back when we were moving here to Cali {second week of February}, we took a few days on our way and spent them seeing some sites in Napa Valley, touring the beautiful vineyards, and tasting the sparkling grape juice:)

We did a fun segway tour around Napa Valley town {even though you're not supposed to when you're pregnant}. I thought being 17 weeks pregnant would mean that I was still okay to do it, until I almost passed out. Weird experience. It must have been all the standing for so long, maybe locking my knees, decreasing blood flow to crucial areas like my brain. The whole group had to stop and wait for me to get myself together again while laying on the grass. I learned my lesson.

We also went up to Muir Woods to hike and see the amazing Redwoods:

We spent an evening in San Francisco for dinner and got this rare view of the bridge without clouds and fog! Love this city.

The "Painted Ladies:"

It was a fun Valentine's getaway and I wanted to remember it so I'm posting it a couple months late! It was fun. We love California. Glad to be back. That's all.


Stephanie said...

That does seem like a fun trip! I have to say though that is the best picture of the bridge I've ever seen! You should frame it really it is awesome.

Rachel said...

fun! camille, I love the picture of the golden gate bridge with the purplish flower high-lights...can I get a copy of it?? I really want to frame it! How much would you charge for something like that?