Wednesday, June 16, 2010

For you Moms

My good buddy Janelle has been working on a new Toddler Activity Blog for a while now, and it's FABULOUS! All you moms out there who want some great ideas on how to spend some quality time with your toddlers each day (so you then don't have to feel guilty about putting them in front of the TV or computer for some YOU time), follow this blog!! She is an amazing author and has some great activities, stories, ideas, and my favorite: her "hypoglycemic rages."

Click the picture:

{And be sure to check out her "About Me" to hear her inspiration for the cute title: "Where are my Mary Jane's?"}


Megan Passey said...

Thank you! I'm ALWAYS looking for things to do with Tafton! This is great! Good luck with the baby! I'm excited to see pics!

Unknown said...

Sweet! I added it to my blog list...THANKS

Anonymous said...

I agree, Janelle is one amazing mamma! I wish she had boys, I could really use some of her creativity!

Chelsie said...

yeah! I'm always looking for stuff like this, I will follow it for sure. Love the pregnancy updates....i can't believe you only have a month left!! Yeah!!