Tuesday, June 29, 2010

When it rains...

It pours! And in a good way:) When we have friends in town, we usually have 3 or 4 different friends in town during the SAME week! It's been a fun, friend-filled week for sure! First, my besties Sarah, Haylie, and Mo came to visit and crash with us Wed-Sun as they ventured out to see all the sites here in San Francisco. I unfortunately couldn't join them for very much because walking is out of the picture at this point. But Ben and I were able to go to Wicked with them, and I LOVED it. I want to see it again!

We went to dinner before the show at a ghetto diner with an awful waiter (Kev) and I snapped this priceless shot of the gals while there.... not sure that they were ready for it:

And Ben and me trying to mimic Mo's face:

Oh my gosh Ben's face makes me wet my pants.

We went swimming lots and had plenty of laughs (= lots of contractions for me), but I was sad to see them leave. Love you guys!

Also in town was Kelly and Greg for their 5th anniversary. We met up with them Saturday for the Giants vs. Red Sox game which was super fun!

Congrats to Kelly who is having a girl (kid #3) in 3 months! And last but not least, we finally met little Henry Jones, born 7 weeks ago, because Erin and Clark (one of Ben's mission comps in Mozambique) were in town visiting their families:

Super cute little boy! We can't wait to have one of those (babies that is). And coming she is--3 weeks to go!! I'm officially FULL-TERM and she could come any day now. Totally crazy. Today I've made a last (hopefully) checklist of things to get and things to do before she comes and have started a list of things to pack in the old hospital bag. Sooo can't believe this is happening. I'm 37 weeks, but here's last weeks stuff:

What I know now at 36 weeks
  1. I feel as big as a Buick. Luckily, people keep telling me I'm small. Let's hope they're being honest and not just feeling pity for me. 
  2. My face is starting to really fill out. It bugs me.
  3. Also bugging is my itchy skin. Back of my legs and thighs. 
  4. I like using my tummy as a table for my cereal bowls and plates (and then watching it move and spasm out cause she doesn't like it there).
  5. I'm not losing any of my hair in the shower. Not even one strand sometimes, it's so weird. 
  6. Shoes--I no longer have any that fit. The only, and I mean ONLY thing I've been wearing for the last month is crocs. I went through 5 pairs of shoes on Sunday and realized none of them fit me anymore (and not from swelling, they've actually grown a size). My feet better go back to their normal size or someone is going to be a wittle bit angry.
  7. I love Ben because he paints my toenails for me and actually enjoys it.
  8. I've accidentally slapped my stomach a couple of times and it scares her. It's cute, she flinches big time. I kind of feel bad, but I like it because she's an actual human in there.
  9. We got this at-home heartbeat monitor from our friends to use and it was so fun to listen to her heartbeat and her moving around.
  10. It's very painful to turn from side to side at night.
  11. I don't have to get up at ALL in the night to pee. Yay me! 
  12. Fatigue has set in again.
  13. Walking has become harder and harder. I can't walk more than 5 minutes or I feel like I'm going to break into a million pieces and die.
  14. People are so nice to me! I love the attention, seats on public transport, smiles and questions.
  15. I was craving Blueberry bagels with strawberry cream cheese and when I got home with it... I had accidentally grabbed SALMON cream cheese. Seriously?
  16. I should really look into getting a maternity belt. I probably should have a while ago.
  17. Her head has been settling into the pelvic area. I get these shooting pains down there for a few seconds at a time, or painful throbbing. I'm told it can be her head hitting into the bones too. Means we're getting closer!
  18. I think I'm most nervous for the whole breastfeeding part. Yep. For sure. 
  19. The next time I write one of these... she'll hopefully be here!! How crazy is that. 


The Nate and Sara Project said...

I love reliving pregnancy through you. Glad it's you and not me! ;) I never lost my hair until about 3 months after he was born, and I am STILL losing it. It's so strange. My mom told me you gain a shoe size with every pregnancy. Mine went up about half a size. Thank goodness we live in Cali, and can wear flip flops all year round! IT's just a bummer for church. A tip on breastfeeding, babies can tell when you are stressed/frustrate/scared and they won't eat because they know something's not right. Stick with it. It can be challenging, especially in the beginning, but it's oh so very worth it. Happy baby!!

Brianna said...

You are so cute! I just wanted to comment on the breastfeeding, go to llli.org, it is the international le leche league website and the forums there are super super helpful, there are like a million moms on there with great advice! You are so close! Good luck, your babe will be a doll!

Lauren Tatton said...

You are cute! Fun friends! Good luck with everything! Cant wait to see the cute little miss!

anna said...

CAMILLE! i so badly wished that I had your number last week, cause we were in San Francisco! We actually went to all 3 of the Giants and Red Sox games, how fun would that have been to run into you guys!

hilary said...

I am with Sara, and hate to sound mean but reading your posts make me so happy i'm not pregnant! I can relate with you on just about everything and the last stretch is the worst so hang in there! except my feet didn't grow a size and neither did my moms with 4pregnancies so i hope I have her genes. :) good thing you are getting ready though, sophie came at 37.5 weeks... And yeah wait until your hair falls out like none other after you have her! so excited for you! you look so cute and i hope labor and delivery go well for you! sorry for such a long comment...

mckenzie said...

Not long!!! You look adorable! Looks like you guys are having a lot of fun. Live it up before baby comes;)

Rachel said...

camille you look so amazing, from the front, when your belly is slightly hidden, you still have a waist...amazing, the you still have a toned tush, seriously girl? I hope I am that lucky one day. can't wait to see pictures when she comes!

Dan, Heath, Sky and Harp said...

Hi Camille, we've never met but I went to school with Ben and his mom and my mom work together. We are so happy for you guys! You look super cute. We had our little girl 6 months ago and it's seriously a blast. Best advice I was given is to never let the baby know when you are stressed/frustrated because they sense it and freak out. It sounds silly but it really has helped to keep a level head - which is not always easy. Breastfeeding is tough..I wish someone would have told me how tough it is! But it's such a great bonding experience too. Good luck with everything! Can't wait to see pictures!

Megan Passey said...

I love your preggo posts! They are so cute and enjoyable to read! Don't worry about breastfeeding! It is natural and while some people have a hard time getting it to work(it can take 6 weeks to get into a good rhythm)don't give up!! My only suggestion on that subject would be to invest in lanolin cream and start beating your nipples up now, that might sound weird but seriously pinching them and toughing them up now will save you from painful nipples when she comes! Sorry if that was TMI! Good luck with labor and congrats!

Mo H. said...

you are so sweet for putting up that picture of me! I love you lady! I can't wait for the baby to make the Great Escape so we can all see her!!! Good Luck!