Thursday, June 10, 2010

Gettin' Ready

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We realized this last weekend that we only have 4 more weekends together alone before the baby comes. Kinda puts it all in perspective! Wow. So we've been trying to take advantage of all our time together. Last weekend, we drove up to Mount Diablo, we'd heard it was cool, and after a very long, windy drive (that made me car sick), we made it to the top of the mountain and looked out over all of the East Bay. It was really pretty.

Wednesday, we went to the Oakland A's game (against the LA Angels) with a bunch of our friends from the ward. It was super fun (and windy) and you can't beat $1 hot dogs!

Oh I love to swim. It's so nice to get all that weight off and truly feel like a whale. We love our pool and laying out and I love floating around on our little floaty.... too bad I popped it the other day.

My job ended last week (hooray) so I've also been getting everything ready and organized for Baby G's arrival. We're not doing too much decorating since we don't know how long we'll be here, but doing the basics is fun and makes us excited for her to get here. We got our car seat this weekend which made it all even more real.

Signed up for our hospital tour, our Childbirth Prep class, and now I see the doc every 2 weeks. She gave me the little count-kicker chart and told me I should count 10 kicks within an hour... but I threw that away. I have no need of counting her kicks, believe me. If I did, I'd be in the hundreds within 30 minutes. Ok not really, but seriously--our little one could use some Riddlin.

We are so excited! 5 more weeks to go!


:: ashley :: said...

i just love you blog! you guys will love having a baby, and keep soaking up all the time you can together! pretty soon you'll hardly remember what it was like before she was around. sleep lots too! but get excited, babies are SO fun! congrats! the room looks adorable!

Julianne Howes said...

Camille! You are so close!!! And you look better in a swimming suit at 34 weeks than I do right now. LAME!!! Miss you! Email me your address so I can send you baby's gift!!

Sarah said...

You look great in your swim suit! I want to go swimming really bad. Hopefully this weekend we'll have time and the weather will cooperate. It's been nice and cool here, which is also fine by me ;)

Sara said...

You look great! And I love the swimsuit! Your girl has more clothes than Kenna, Laney and me... combined!! So excited to see you guys this weekend!

Anonymous said...

How fantastic that you guys did Mt Diablo AND an As game! I took so many many trips to bothas a kid. And Camille, you look so great! I'm sure you are sick of hearing it at this point though, cause I know you probably don't feel great. We're going to be in Dville next week, from Sunday the 20th to Sunday the 27th, hope we can see you guys! And maybe take some Jones family pictures? I'll send you an email about that one...