Thursday, December 18, 2008

Phantom of the Opera

Last night we went to Phantom of the Opera in San Francisco. I've ALWAYS wanted to see the play, but only seen the movie (like 1,000 times, I love it so much and have it all memorized). Since we might be moving soon, we thought we'd better take advantage of doing some last things in the city...including a Broadway play.

I LOVED IT!! It was SO great. We sat in the Mezaninne section which is the second floor up and close to the front. I think that's the best place to sit. We were able to see everything without having to look UP at all. Great seats. Recommend the upper balcony section. Carlotta was hilarious. Christine was amazing, her voice was so strong and beautiful. Raoul wasn't my favorite voice ever....but he did a good job. The Phantom was my favorite though. He was wonderful. The acting, the music, the scenery and backdrops were just INCREDIBLE! One of my favorite parts was the Masquerade, the Phantom was wearing that cool/scary red costume (in the above picture) when he came down the stairs. I also LOVED the Music of the Night part when he takes her down to his "lair." The backdrops were unbelievable. ALSO--the Chandelier actually fell from the ceiling and swung down and crashed on stage! It rocked! We had so much fun. Thanks babe for "splurging!!"

Utah in 2 days!!

Also--I found this great site that backs your blog up for free! I've always wondered 'what if something happened to blogger and we lost everything?' It really is a journal to us so this is a great site that backs it up for you and then you can make your blog into a book and stuff. Check it out!


Sarah said...

Oh you are so lucky!! I would LOVE to go see Phantom. I almost did in London, but chose Les Miserables instead, which as also fantastic. (*Sigh*) One day.. :) That's so exciting that you guys are flying out in only 2 short days!! AHHH.

Jamie said...

I am so glad you got to see the phantom I think every one should see it at least once. I remember seeing it when I was in 5th grade and thinking the phantom was my boyfriend! :)

:: ashley :: said...

i LOVE phantom! why are you guys moving?? I bet san fran is so much fun!

Unknown said...

Lucky!! I am hoping Santa puts two tickets to Phantom under our tree this year.. oh and Wicked too!! Do you recommend any seats??

Megan Passey said...

I bet the Phantom was amazing!! I'd love to go see it! What was your favorite part?