Wednesday, December 10, 2008


The dentist. A place we all love. Every 6 months, we get to sit in that chair looking up at that light and 'open wide' through the looking, the scraping, the brushing, the sucking, the flossing, and the fluoride. And even though it sometimes hurts while scraping, and you flinch once in a while while she's's not too bad and you feel great after; like you don't want to eat anything cause you want to keep your mouth feeling that clean. And they always tell me, "What beautiful healthy teeth. Keep up the great work!"

Well...this morning I was expecting that experience. But I guess California dentists do it differently. It was WORLD WAR 3 in my mouth!

Dental Assistant vs. Camille's gums and teeth

Well people. My gums & teeth LOST. Big time. One big swollen bloody massacre. First, I got x-rayed in this big alien space experience. Then I went to 'the chair.' She proceeded to do this drilling thing on all my teeth, but aiming directly for the top of my teeth and onto my gums. Ouch that hurt.

Then another new experience, she did this 'charting the healthiness of each tooth and gum 1 through 5, 1 being healthy 5 being not-healthy' thing by JABBING in the tops of my gums to see how inflamed they were. I got mostly 1s, 2s, and 3s which rocks. Then she had to chart which teeth were bleeding--all of them.

{"Swish this water around in your mouth and then suck the sucker." To get rid of all the blood.}

Then she did the scraping. And man, I felt like she was going to crack my teeth she was doing it SO HARD! I've never been bugged by nails on a chalkboard, but this was like the worst feeling ever! Next was the violent brushing.

{"Swish this water around in your mouth and then suck the sucker." To get rid of all the blood.}

And finally, she needed to show me how to floss and brush properly. To do this she gave me a mirror so I could watch the horror. To floss, she pracically sliced down to the bottom of my tooth. Not kidding. I apparently need to floss each side of the gum, ALL the way down till it starts to bleed. So again. Each tooth, bleeding bleeding bleeding.

{"Swish this water around in your mouth and then suck the sucker." To get rid of all the blood.}

THEN to top off the experience, she showed me how to properly brush with a dry tooth brush, and she scrubbed my sore, tender, bleeding gums all over!

I was holding back tears the WHOLE time. And actually had a few squeezing out by the end. I wanted to bawl.

Good news? My mouth should heal fine in one week with a glass of warm salt water every day. Right.

More good news is my wisdom teeth probably don't need to come out. And I only have 3 of them.

Other good news. I went grocery shopping. And we'll be having eggs for lunch, dinner, and breakfast tomorrow morning because I dropped the egg carton coming in the door.


Chelsie said...

oh my heavens that hurts my gums just to think about!! yet another reason why you need to come back to utah...haha..just kidding. i'm so sorry you had to go through that! yikes

Mariah said...

Oh my gosh. I laughed and cringed the entire time I was reading your post. That is just terrible. I'll have to get the name of your dentist so that I am sure to NOT go there. Did she tell you that thing about your mouth healing in one week with salt water? How crazy!! I hope that your mouth feels better soon!

Jalayne said...

My trips to the dentist aren't quite that awful, but I want to cry every time I go. I would rather go to any other doctor on the planet than go to the dentist. The worst part is that he always seems to find a cavity, no matter how hard I try, and then I have to go back. Last time I got a cavity filled, tears ran down my cheeks. The dentist SUCKS!

Amy said...

I never minded going to the dentist until I changed to a dentist in Logan. He didn't have a hygienist so he did all the cleaning and stuff himself.... He literally cleaned towards my gums. He made hamburger out of my mouth. He also found a "weak spot" and proceeded to hollow out my tooth and refill it to make sure I didn't get a cavity. I'm going to drive back to provo to go to my childhood dentist no matter how far away I live.