Wednesday, June 17, 2009

USA vs. Italy and New Pad

No fair.

Ben was invited by some of the "guys" to go to the USA vs. Italy Confederations Cup game here in Pretoria. "We're leaving the wives at home," his friend said. WHAT?! Not a happy camper :) Oh well. Ben had a blast. He said it was loud and lively (and man did he smell like beer and cigarettes when he got back). Too bad USA lost! He's probably going to the USA vs. Brazil game this Thursday with some office buddies. Way cool that we're right here where the action is happenin'.

We moved apartments this week too. Four floors up. That's what I got to do while he was at the game. We loved our old place...a lot, and there were many conveniences we had to forgo, but this place was cheaper for the company so we made the move. Click here to see our last apartment.

It's still 2 bedroom, which rocks, especially since I'm bringing 3 buddies back with me from the States (Haylie, Sarah, and Bekah!):

It's still way nice and we'll enjoy the change!

Au revoir!


Rachel said...

Hey, I just came across your blog and love your photos! I noticed you will be in Utah and would love it if you could photograph my family if you have any slots open. When will you be here? And what are you prices? you can visit my blog or email me at

Alyssa said...

Yeah I think you guys will do just fine in the new place ;) You would't mind me taggin along with Haylie, Sarah, and Bekah would you? I could use a vacation!

z&jarnold said...

I think your new place looks great
! You decorate so cute too, p.s. i'm completely jealous of the girls going down to visit with you, my brother is in Nambia and i'd love to see Africa now.

The Gerritsens said...

Your apartment's trashy! It looks awful and I bet there's mice. You should sue.:)

C&C said...

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