Thursday, December 23, 2010

5 months

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Our little monkey is 5 months old today.

{amazing zebra blanket/rug for Claire from Grandma Lisa}

Height: 25 inches (50th percentile)
Weight: 14 lbs 5 oz (45th percentile)
Head: 42.5cm (65th percentile)

New this month:

She still fits in most of her 3 month stuff. In fact, some of her 3 month clothes she JUST started fitting into. That's why when I think about her turning 5 months it's crazy because I feel like she's still 3 months old!

She gave me one week of 11pm-5ams. The last few nights we're back to not sleeping well (every 2-3 hours)... but I'm hoping it's just a small short-lived phase and we'll go back to twice a night.

She loves jumping in her jumperoo and she still loves to yell (as seen in this video).

CRAWLING ALREADY! No joke. If there is something in her sights that she wants, she will get to it. She pushes off with her feet and grabs the carpet with her hands and pulls/scoots to it all the way across the room! It will be NO time before she's literally crawling. I already have to have her in my sights all the time. With her rolling and scooting, she's unwrapped a couple of presents and sucked the corner of our books under the coffee table dry.

She loves her cousin (2nd cousin) Reese, even though she's a bit of a bully.

She can give herself her binky now. If I throw it in her carseat, a few minutes into our ride she always manages to spin it around enough to finally get it in her mouth the right way. It's awesome!

She loves her vegetables. She'll down her beans, peas, and carrots now. Still doesn't love rice cereal but will eat it (with a lot of coaxing, bordering forcing) mixed with vegetables.

She loves FaceTime with her Aunts and Uncles. Even if they just make funny faces to her:
She loves figuring out all the new sounds she can make with her mouth and lips. Loves holding her feet. She's happy 90% of the time. She is just such a chill baby. Rarely gets fussy, ornery, or cranky. People always comment on how happy she his and that makes us so proud.

She wants to sit up and I can't wait for her to do it. She's really close and can do it in spurts.

She loves the TV and if it's on and she can hear it, she'll do anything to see it.

She's our everything.

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