Monday, December 13, 2010

Anna's engaged!

And we are so excited!!! We were able to spend time with Brian and get to know him in Vegas over Thanksgiving and he's great! He even served his mission in Johannesburg, South Africa and was there while we were there! How crazy! The 2 son-in-laws in our family have served in Africa. Pretty cool. They've chosen March 5th and have started a blog: Head on over to see their story.

Congrats Brianna! (My nickname for them)

 "What did you do today?"
 I crocheted 2 hats trying to get orders ready and shipped before Christmas, I played with Claire, I put a massive amount of dishes in the dishwasher, folded half of the laundry (and still haven't put it away), I designed a blog, designed a Christmas card, talked to my mom, edited some photos from a shoot, played with Claire, watched a little of the Office while I crocheted again, talked to Lisa, went over to my Aunt Christy's and helped put lights on the tree, had a yummy dinner, played with Claire and Reese, put in Elf and crocheted some new fun headband/earwarmers!

{Claire has been sleeping pretty good consistently now, I put her down at 8, wake her up at 11 to feed, then she makes it until between 4:30 and 5:30am for her feeding, then sleeps till 8 or 9. It's been so great. Slowly we'll move her 11pm feeding up by half hours until her 8pm is her last feeding!}

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