Thursday, December 23, 2010

I had problems

"Share a previous Christmas memory"

My dear mother would share this same story if asked about a Christmas memory with me. Remember how I would wet my pants everyday after school in Elementary? Well, every Christmas Eve I would get sick. Sick = throwing up + diarrhea. I would just get soooo excited for Santa to come. I would be up all night (and so would my mother) throwing up and...the other stuff. And for some reason, I had a hard time making it to the bathroom. Please don't ask me why. The title of this post says it all. So my mom wouldn't be up comforting me and helping me fall back asleep.... she'd be up CLEANING up the "stuff." I love you mom.

Merry Christmas. And here's to me being able to control myself now. Thank goodness, for my marriage's sake.


Mrs. Jaybird said...

You have NO idea how hard this made me laugh!! What a memory! Although I'm sure it wasn't as funny at the time :) Merry Christmas!

Karlee, Tyson, Erin and Rylee said...

It takes a really strong person to admit this on a public blog. Love it! :} P.S., if I'm bugging you by being a blog stalker, let me know!