Friday, December 24, 2010

'Tis the Season

"5 things you love about Christmas"

#5:The sound of Christmas. The Christmas jingles / songs / carols. 
I love Christmas songs. Favorites are on my playlist on the bottom right side of this blog. Christmas songs truly warm the heart.

#4: Food. Treats. Candy. 
Throw 'losing baby weight' out the door until January 1st! Seriously. 

#3: The Spirit of Giving.
 I love the hustle-bustle of the year. The sense of service and love. I really wish it would last all year, but I guess it does make this time of year extra special.

#2: Family
We're really missing our family this Christmas, but excited to have our own here with Claire. We'll be spending today with our good friends, the Thomas family, and then tomorrow with the Johansen's (my mom's brother's family). Then next week we're off to Arizona to see the Garrisons! We're excited for a lot of them to finally meet Claire.

#1: Time to think of Christ and His birth.
 Watch the First Presidency Christmas Devotional here.

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