Thursday, December 2, 2010


"A picture of me last year and now and how I've have changed since then"

A picture of me last year:

and now:

...and how I've changed since then:

Had a baby,
5-inch scar,
Longer hair,
Blonder hair,
Less hair (yes the post-preggo thick hair has decided to fall out simultaneously).

Bigger face,
Bigger legs,
... ok, let's face it, everything is bigger.

Living in Africa then,
Living in America now.

Training for triathlons then,
Training for the most nights I can go without more than a 4 hour stretch of sleep now (=132 nights now).

One year older,
and wiser wider too.

Incredibly happy then,
Even happier now.


Lindsey & Tony said...

I love this challenge! Such a cute idea!

Lindsey & Tony said...

I love this idea! SOOO cute!

Nades said...

last year - Beautiful inside and out!

this year - Even more beautiful inside and out than ever before!


Unknown said...

You have a glow about you this year that was missing from the year before. Being a mom makes you MORE beautiful, I know Ben would agree ;D

Tawnya said...

You don't look bigger at all! you look great still!