Sunday, December 5, 2010

Minor Annoyances

"Top 10 Pet Peeves"

1) Unnecessary, repetitive noises (e.g. tapping of a finger, shaking/bouncing a leg - especially when it moves the whole bench, chewing with your mouth open, etc).

2) Warm toilets & wet towels. There's nothing worse. You know someone has used it before you (and in the case of the toilet, has been there for a while).

3) Simple grammar mistakes:  

--you’re/your, too/to, etc. Quote from Friends: "YOU apostrophe RE means 'You are,' Y-O-U-R means YOUR!" I'm no "grammar Nazi", but come on, we've learned these things since elementary school people!  
--When people wrongly say “could”… like this: “I might could do that” instead of “I might be able to do that”
--When people say "I could care less" when they really mean, "I couldN'T care less" 
--When people say, “Susan and I” to everything. They're trying to speak correctly but just miss the mark. Sometimes, it’s “Susan and me.”

Quick lesson: Take out the other person you’re using and see if it makes sense with an “I” or a “me.” 
For example: "Please bring the blanket for Susan and I." 
Take out Susan: "Please bring the blanket for me." 
So you say, “Please bring the blanket for Susan and me.”

4) Here's one of Ben's: "When my wife leaves an inch left of whatever she's drinking in all her glasses." Sorry, I don't know why I do it. My excuse is, "I wasn't finished." But why don't I ever get around to it again?

5) I'll put it this way… I’m a very independent person and like to do things for myself and my way.

6) Global Warming propaganda. If I hear one more weatherman talk about proof of global warming every time the temperature gets above 90, I’m gonna scream.

7) Unreliability.

8) Bad customer service.

9) Movie talkers (i.e. asking questions and/or criticizing)

10) Rude drivers.

Kind of a negative post? I’ll just say I’m sure none of you do any of these things. It’s all those other people.


Julianne Howes said...

Ha ha ha... I loved this post. Mostly because Adam an I (did I use that correctly?) were just talking about the warm toilet seat thing. We are also just talking about the movie theater thing... I hate the random "Oh that's so funny!" or when people repeat a funny line. Too funny. Love your face.

Megan Passey said...

I'm totally a movie talker!! Guess we won't be seeing any movies together!

Sammy said...

ok love all your posts, I laughed so hard at your 5 secrets that no one knows about you, I THINK that just about every girl has kissed another girl... COULD be wrong but I definitely have. lol hello, when you're little you HAVE to play house and a girl has to play the dad! ha ha also in Elementary I lived right up 27th St. 2 blocks up from Harrison, where did you go to elementary?
Claire looks SO darling eating cereal, she looks like she's doing really well.
French fries are like my #1 favorite food I think. I know you guys live in california, not sure where exactly BUT if you ever make it to San Luis Obispo, CA then you HAVE to go to Firestone. It's AMAZING. get the Tri tip sandwich with the fries and ranch to dip. oh my goodness. anyway.. you should make a trip out of it, won't disappoint. (I was a nanny there) sorry this is getting long! just the best fries in the world...

Eric and Alexis Beus said...

I totally agree with all of the English mistakes!! Those drive me crazy! Especially the "couldn't care less"! I have even heard people say it incorrectly on TV and movies! Annoying! :) Good post!

Nades said...

heheeh totally agree, now to think of my top 10 :P