Saturday, December 4, 2010

Meaning of Christmas

This is totally cute, and like the little guy at the end says, "the story of His birth makes me just kind of emotional sometimes" too. I wanted to post this video to remind us what Christmas is all about:
 {Video from They have redone the website and it is AMAZING! Go check it out.}

Also, I changed a few of the things in my 30-day Blog Challenge to be a little more in line with the Christmas Season.

Back to Claire-bear, we started rice cereal this week and as expected, she doesn't like it. She even shutters (which is sooo funny). But everyday she does a little better with it. Next week, we'll start mixing vegetables with it! She's getting so big!!

I am in love with her eyes. They are so gorgeous.

Have a good weekend!!

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Jamie said...

I love the Christmas video. Children have best little spirits! YOur baby is so cute with that cereal. Love it!